KP foundation

N o    P o v e r t y . O n l y    D i g n i t y

How We Work

KPf establishes a platform between the various stakeholders such as Governments,
CSR Corporates/donors and Social enterprises working in rural India.

Supporting Ecosystem

Village is the basic unit of action for KP Foundation.

Multiple Stakeholders

KP foundation

● Project ideation
● Stakeholder management
● Impact Evaluation

Civil Society

● Grassroots-level partners
    for implementation
● Community engagement

Corporates and HNIs

● Financial Support

Local Administration

● Institutional Support

Project Managment

● Preliminary research for understanding local issues related to the core areas

● Define realistic, overarching goals with measurable parameters in each priority area

● Design strategies for each area with all stakeholders

● Regional and Ground-level Coordinators for monitoring progress

● Technology-based , stage-wise implementation tracking

● Collecting feedback from all stakeholders periodically

● Report generation to present results of intervention

● Data analysis for future planning

● Course correction in key areas

Village is the basic unit

Village - A unit of development

● Gandhian idea of villages as self-sufficient republics

● Baseline and Need-Based Surveys to create a profile of the village and identify local issues

● Data generated will be the basis for project design

● Core area and project-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track overall progress in the village

Data-driven Approach

● Comprehensive set of indicators used to understand the ground realities

● Inclusion of time-tested international and national indicators

● Indicators for:

Village profile

Project design

Tracking impact

Human Development Index (HDI)
Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)
Aspirational Districts Rankings
Other relevant indicators

Monitoring and Evaluation

● Monthly and Annual Reports to track progress of each programme

● Special assessment reports based on randomized controlled trials, focus group discussions, etc.

● Case studies and retrospective studies for contributing to existing research literature

● Press releases, “in a nutshell” reports for the purpose of dissemination to the media and all stakeholders

● Geo-tagging of village resources and amenities for developing a profile and to design spatial area of intervention

● Data generated on real-time basis for faster intervention and transparency

Branding and Marketing

Social media collateral (eg. images,videos etc.) for digital outreach

Special assessment reports based on randomized controlled trials, focus group discussions, etc.

Integrating CSR and Brand Equity for goodwill in the social sector and creating an impact

Special assessment reports based on randomized controlled trials, focus group discussions, etc.

Program Impact


Interventions to be enablers for each individual that bring them on the trajectory of growth


The empowered individual becomes a facilitator for improving the household


The Butterfly Effect continues and the standard of living in the village community becomes better at each stage

Role Model Village

The transformation becomes an inspiration regions where the initiatives can be replicated to repeat the process develop

Inspirational Villages in Aspirational Districts.

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